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Palm announce they are up for sale

Handheld device maker Palm have announced they are looking for a new buyer, as sales of the companies latest smartphones failed to match sales of rivals, such as Blackberry and Apple.

Reports are suggesting that Dell or Hewlett Packard could be among potential bidders for the company.

“There has been a lot of speculation about firms like Nokia buying Palm but I don’t think that is an obvious fit. I’d look to the HPs or Dells of this world as both have mobile ambitions”Ovum analyst Tony Cripps

The company launched the Palm Pre last year, with the potential to be an iPhone killer, however sales figures have not been as high as expected.

In the past six months, the company’s stock has dropped 69%. It has a stock market value of $870m (£563m).

Palm’s shares rose more than 17% on the reports of a possible sale.

Palm Pre Plus & Pixie Plus approved for sale in Europe

Great news!!  Sources in the states are saying that both the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are heading for the UK after both handsets won approval to be sold in Europe.

The new Palm Pre Plus has more RAM than the first Pre, and double the storage too, boasting a rather impressive 16GB compared the Pre’s 8GB.  The sliding mechanism has also been improved, so it’s much more smoother to operate.

Only a small handful of changes have been made to the Pixi Plus however, with Wi-Fi now being included.  Bonus!

Look out for more information on the arrival of Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to the UK soon!

(via The Unwired)

Palm announce ‘Pre’ launch date

The Palm Pre will go on sale on 6 June in the US and will only be available on the Sprint network.
The much-anticipated handset will cost $199.99 (£129), after a rebate, and buyers must take out a two-year contract when signing up.
Palm said it expected the phone to be available nationwide at launch and has signed up four stores to put the gadget on their shelves.
No date has been given for when the handset will launch in the UK.
Data share
First announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2009, the Pre has generated a huge amount of interest largely thanks to Palm’s long history in personal data devices.
The Pre impressed many with its operating system, which is geared towards working with the websites, such as social networks and e-mail services, people use when out and about.
The phone automatically recognises when owners connect to social or e-mail services and builds up a global list of contacts and login details as it is used. Unlike many other phones, the handset also allows owners to have several different applications running at the same time. The phone also has an innovative interface based around its touch screen and a “gesture area” below the display.
The phone will use Sprint’s 3G network and buyers are recommended to take out an unlimited data plan as the phone swaps a lot of information back and forth as it is being used. The phone is widely seen as a rival to other smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone, Android handsets and RIM’s Blackberry.
Also on sale at launch will be the wireless charging system. This will not be included in the basic bundle for the phone but will cost an additional $69.99 (£45) for the Touchstone dock and cover for the Pre.
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