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New LinkedIn Blackberry app arrives – at last!

The LinkedIn Blackberry app is here!  It joins the iPhone app which has been floating around the screens of Apple geeks for some time now.  

Produced in collaboration with RIM, the new app integrates with your handset contacts and email.

The app also gives you full access to your LinkedIn inbox, so, it lets you send and receive invitations and you read all your messages.

As RIM and LinkedIn worked together in order to develop the application, there’s an added option that lets you integrate your LinkedIn connections with your Blackberry address book contacts. 

Invites and messages will show in your Blackberry inbox and you can view LinkedIn profiles from there and from within the Blackberry calendar app.

The LinkedIn Blackberry app is free and is available now via the Blackberry App Store.

To use it will you will need to set up a LinkedIn account and your Blackberry handset needs to run Blackberry OS 4.3 (or later).

We’ll review the app this week, so stay tuned for an update!

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