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Passive 3D TV coming sooner than expected

In May, LG will be rolling out its first passive 3D TV in the UK.

It’s called the LG LD950 and it’s offering 3D viewing at a cut price compared to it’s bigger ‘active 3D’ brothers.

Passive 3D is regarded by most as being, well…  not as good compared to active 3D.   However, to keep costs even lower, they can be used with cheaper 3D specs, which you pickup at a fraction of the costs of others.

However, LG say that each TV will be bundled out with four pairs of specs when it finally comes to stores sometime in May.  Along with 3D tech, the LD950 will have HD, four HDMI ports, 200Hz TruMotion and USB support….  handy!!

Current indications on price suggest LG will start it off at around £1,500….  however, it could be way less than that by the end of the year!   

(via T3)

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