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Want to watch the match in 3D? Sky unveils a pub finder!

For mad keen footy fans who can’t wait to check out 3D television, Sky has published a handy online guide to help you track down your nearest boozer, who will be showing footy matches in oh-so-glorious 3D!

Simply point your browser to in order to find out your nearest venue. 

“Over a thousand pubs and clubs will be showing the game, with new venues being added to the pub finder daily and further venues expected to sign-up before the end of the season,” says Sky.

 “Following this Saturday’s game, Sky will show at least a further five Premier League games – to be announced – before the end of the current season (Sunday May 9) and the Coca-Cola Football League Play-Off Finals from Wembley Stadium at the end of May, all live and all in 3D.  Sky’s installers have been working hard to ensure the vast majority of pubs on the finder have been kitted out with 3D TVs and 3D glasses in time for the match”

So, if you’re keen to know what all the fuss is about surrounding 3D TV and want to watch one of the biggest footy matches of the season whilst drinking a nice cold pint of your favourite lager, then click the link above, pop in your postcode and find out exactly where you can!

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