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A decade worth of broadband

Accessing the web is something you do numerous times a day.  It’s so easy nowadays, if you have a PC/Laptop or mobile device then you’re only a few clicks away from accessing billions of pages of information.  People are being introduced to the internet all the time.  However, just 10 years ago it was a different story altogether.

Back in the late 90’s ‘broadband’ connections didn’t really exist – not commercially anyway.  You certainly couldn’t ring up BT and ask to get it installed in the home, meaning you were resigned to using a modem (normally 56kbps) and the speed of access to browse the ‘Information SuperHighway’ were… well, they were rubbish quite frankly!

Ten years later and most of the U.K. is on now on broadband.  And, with the government making a pledge to get super-fast broadband into EVERY home by 2020, accessing the internet has never been easier!

As we speak, Virgin Media is currently promising that its network will be available to get around 100MB broadband connections by Q4 of 2011.  However, engineers are testing double that speed (Yep, 200MB!!) for its roll out date.

So… who has fond memories of using their modem on bulletin boards back in the 90’s?   There must be some!

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