iPad suffering from wi-fi issues…. already?!?!

So, just a few days after it’s launch and it seems there are already a few complaints logged to Apple over issues with the wi-fi operation on the iPad .  Users are advising the Apple support teams that their device simply shows “no wi-fi signal” (at most a very weak signal) with other devices in the house picking the signals up without any issues. 

“It’s dropping down to one bar in a part of the house the most other devices, including my MBP and my iPhone, get full service. The WiFi is so dense in our house that I often get signal outside on most of my devices. The iPad’s WiFi antenna is like the new iMacs – it’s centrally located behind the Apple logo, and it’s tiny. The difference is the iMac’s Apple logo isn’t usually resting on something; the iPad’s usually is….” 

Most people are saying that the issue lies with the design of the wi-fi antenna in the back of the iPad and that it’s too small in order to provide a decent signal. 

Another user was quoted on the Apple site saying, “Not spending $500 on something I can’t even use.  Its going back tomorrow.”

I guess it’s early days, so maybe it’s just a handful of people having the same issues and it’s not widespread with the device.  For Steve Job’s sake, I hope that’s true.

Have you have any issues trying to connect your iPad to your wi-fi network??


Tweetdeck for iPad now available

In my opinion, Tweetdeck is one of the best Twitter (or indeed, social media) applications available.  And now, it’s been fully developed for the iPad.

TweetDeck have optimized the interface for iPad and this shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date wherever you are.

It’s available now from the app store (link here)


More power for your iPhone!

If you’re ‘app-happy’ and constantly draining the battery from your iPhone, you need to look at providing more power….  but how you exclaim!?!

Well, MiLi have come to the rescue, with the MiLi iPhone Power Pack.  In layman’s terms, the MiLi is a rechargeable (via USB) external battery which is concealed inside a protective case.  It offers twice the battery life of the iPhone alone – up to 390 hours standby time!

The clever design means you can sync your iPhone with iTunes and charge it via USB while it’s snug inside the MiLi case.  Sweet!

It’s available in a range of colours from Firebox and costs £49.99

Wooden case delight for your iPad

Versaudio have designed and handcrafted a wonderful wooden iPad case, if you’re ever wanting to use your new toy  as picture frame.

The beautiful hand-crafted cases, made from solid woods and bamboo are reinforced with steel in order to provide strength.   It’s top loading slip-case design is easy to use and don’t worry, there are openings for the connections too. 

Ok, they’re £53 ($80) a piece, so it’s not cheap to be honest.  However, it’s a small price to pay if you think about it, especially when your jealous mates will want to pinch your new toy when they see it surrounded in one of these masterpieces! 

Pre-order your wooden case now by visiting the site, or you can ask for more information by sending them an email to info@versaudio.com

The smallest bluetooth headset ever!

If you’re looking for a small bluetooth headset (possibly the smallest ever!) then look no further than the SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset.  For just £15 you get the headset, ear hook, charging cable and an in-car charging unit, handy if you’re always out and about!

Average talk time from the headset is three hours, with a standby time of 100 hours. 

When it comes to size and weight, the SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset weighs only 6.5g and measures only 26.2 x 15.6mm.   The ear hook is also fully removable and can be  switched so you can wear it in either your right, or left ear.  Or, you can remove it completely if you wish.

The headset also incorporates ‘Multi-Point’ technology, so you can connect it to two handsets, not just one. 

You can pick up a SmallTalk Bluetooth Headset from MobileFun now.

BookArc for iPad – A tabletop stand for your iPad

The TwelveSouth BookArc is designed to be used as a stand for your iPad and you can use it in portrait or landscape mode to watch movies or even sync and charge your iPad.

Redesigned exclusively for iPad, BookArc is a beautiful slice of heavy gauge steel that provides a perfect perch for the latest stroke of genius from Apple.

It uses a soft silicone, reversible insert to hold your iPad in four different positions, which let you use your iPad just the way you want to

“BookArc for iPad gives you a choice of four different positions. In “work mode,” iPad sits at an angle in both portrait and landscape positions, and provides access to the home button. In “storage mode” iPad sits upright in both portrait and landscape positions, perfect for charging and using your iPad as a stylish photo frame”

The TwelveSouth BookArc is available now and costs $39.99

Want to watch the match in 3D? Sky unveils a pub finder!

For mad keen footy fans who can’t wait to check out 3D television, Sky has published a handy online guide to help you track down your nearest boozer, who will be showing footy matches in oh-so-glorious 3D!

Simply point your browser to http://www.sky.com/3Dpubs in order to find out your nearest venue. 

“Over a thousand pubs and clubs will be showing the game, with new venues being added to the pub finder daily and further venues expected to sign-up before the end of the season,” says Sky.

 “Following this Saturday’s game, Sky will show at least a further five Premier League games – to be announced – before the end of the current season (Sunday May 9) and the Coca-Cola Football League Play-Off Finals from Wembley Stadium at the end of May, all live and all in 3D.  Sky’s installers have been working hard to ensure the vast majority of pubs on the finder have been kitted out with 3D TVs and 3D glasses in time for the match”

So, if you’re keen to know what all the fuss is about surrounding 3D TV and want to watch one of the biggest footy matches of the season whilst drinking a nice cold pint of your favourite lager, then click the link above, pop in your postcode and find out exactly where you can!

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