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Fake iPad Facebook app removed from the Apple Store

The Facebook Ultimate Logo


 Many lucky people switched on their shiny new iPads for the first time this weekend, with quite a few downloading the iPad edition of Facebook.  

Called ‘Facebook Ultimate’ it was created by a woman called ‘Dill’ and cost $2.99.  The application itself quickly became one of the App Store’s top selling applications for the iPad. However, users soon realised that the application wasn’t good, didn’t work as well as expected and that it wasn’t created by Facebook at all.  And now, only days after the application was one of the most downloaded, Apple has promptly removed it from the App Store.  

All Facebook pointed out yesterday, the application rose to become number 7 in the top paid app on the App Store. The app received many poor reviews which warned that the app was poor and not to download it, but that apparently didn’t stop people and the downloads continued.  So, citing trademark infringement, Facebook took action and working with Apple, removed it from the store.  

There’s no word if any users who did download it will receive a possible refund.  

Did you download the app?  If so, what did you think of it?  

(via TechCrunch & All Facebook)

Bebo up for grabs… anyone want to buy it? Thought not.

It has been reported in the media that AOL will soon choose to either sell or close  They forked out a staggering $850 million for the site just over two years ago, however AOL have quickly realised further investment just isn’t worth it!

The company released this statement: 

“Bebo, unfortunately, is a business that has been declining and, as a result, would require significant investment in order to compete in the competitive social networking space. AOL is not in a position at this time to further fund and support Bebo in pursuing a turnaround in social networking”

With companies like Facebook, Twitter (and to an extent – MySpace) already at the top of the social networking chart, AOL hoped that the acquisition of Bebo would put them head to head, however the reality is that the site has taking a severe battering in terms of the amount of people using it, compared to other social networking sites.  In other words – Bebo has fallen flat on its face!

Internet traffic sites suggest that visitor figures for Bebo don’t even come close to Facebook, with reports showing that traffic to Bebo is almost half what it was 12 months ago.

Could this happen to the likes of Twitter and Facebook?  What do the next 12-24 months hold for social networking sites? 

Let us know via the comments!

Digital Election 2010 – following the UK General Election online

Digital Election 2010 – following the UK General Election online

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Tweetdeck for iPad now available

In my opinion, Tweetdeck is one of the best Twitter (or indeed, social media) applications available.  And now, it’s been fully developed for the iPad.

TweetDeck have optimized the interface for iPad and this shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date wherever you are.

It’s available now from the app store (link here)


Twitter starts Tweaking it’s Home Page


According to the Twitter blog, the Twitter home page is currently being ‘tweaked’.  

The new design is supposed to be more dynamic and will feature, amongst other things, a set of algorithmically selected top tweets that automatically appear every few seconds.

This new page will allow people to see the value of Twitter, even without an account!

Twitter say: “All of our recent changes embrace the notion that Twitter is not just for status updates anymore. It’s a network where information is exchanged and consumed at a rapid clip every second of the day”.

What do you think of the new changes??  Let us know via the comments.

(via Twitter blog)

New LinkedIn Blackberry app arrives – at last!

The LinkedIn Blackberry app is here!  It joins the iPhone app which has been floating around the screens of Apple geeks for some time now.  

Produced in collaboration with RIM, the new app integrates with your handset contacts and email.

The app also gives you full access to your LinkedIn inbox, so, it lets you send and receive invitations and you read all your messages.

As RIM and LinkedIn worked together in order to develop the application, there’s an added option that lets you integrate your LinkedIn connections with your Blackberry address book contacts. 

Invites and messages will show in your Blackberry inbox and you can view LinkedIn profiles from there and from within the Blackberry calendar app.

The LinkedIn Blackberry app is free and is available now via the Blackberry App Store.

To use it will you will need to set up a LinkedIn account and your Blackberry handset needs to run Blackberry OS 4.3 (or later).

We’ll review the app this week, so stay tuned for an update!

More privacy changes ahead for Facebook users

Well, it looks like Facebook privacy changes are on the cards again folks! 

Facebook is planning more changes to its privacy policy so it can share your profile details (name, photo, friends list etc) with third-party websites.  Sounds straight forward, right?  Wrong.  Facebook want to “automate” the process.

The new privacy plans were revealed in a post by Michael Richter, who said the changes are necessary to “make way for some exciting new products”.  

He discussed the forthcoming Facebook location features, then detailed the plan to make users information available to a list of websites approved by Facebook themselves.  He then said that the idea of partnering with third-party sites to allow them to offer a “more personalized experience at the moment you visit the site”

These changes are no doubt linked to the recent news that Facebook is trying get external websites to integrate its ‘Like’ button.

However, compared to the previous privacy changes, the feature sharing your details with other websites would be activated automatically and you would need to opt out in order to prevent it.

The last set of Facebook privacy changes scared a lot of users into submission, with many opting to de-activate their accounts, with the possibility that scammers would be able to pinch your profile information at the drop of a hat.

Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted saying that “privacy is no longer the social norm”.

Lets see what most Facebook users think…??

(via Electric Pig)

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