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Review – Blackberry Curve 8900 Shock Proof Explorer Defender Case


The Blackberry Curve 8900 Shock Proof Explorer Defender Case from boasts the ultimate protection for your BlackBerry handset.  If you find that you use your Blackberry more outdoors, then this is the case for you!

The Defender Case, ready to be unpacked!

Designed for protection!

The Defender Case is designed to provide maximum protection for you handset, so it’s split into three ‘layers of protection’.  The first layer is a screen protector that is used to provide scratch protection to the handset screen.  The second layer is a tough, high-impact & very durable plastic shell, protecting the handset.  Finally, a silicone skin provides the third layer of protection, which absorbs any bumps or shocks.

Silicone cover (L) and the plastic casing (R)

As the main case comes in two parts, once assembled it does increase the overall size of the Curve, as all cases do.  However, you have to remember that this case is extremely tough and as such, is designed so prevent your handset from damage, should you accidentally drop it.


Assembly of the case is very straight forward and I had my Blackberry fully protected within a couple of minutes.  Everything you need is inside the pack!

First and foremost, fit the screen protector to your handset, ensuring that any air bubbles are removed and you can see the screen clearly.  Then, place your Blackberry inside the durable plastic shell case, ensuring that the case is fully closed and clipped together.  Finally, fit the silicone skin over the top and you’re done!

The Blackberry Defender Case - fully assembled

Case Features

The side buttons on the handset are covered by the case, however it provides its own buttons for you to push.  These are perfectly placed and haven’t caused any issues during use, so the camera or voice dialling capabilities are quickly accessed.  Both the charging port and headphone jack are also covered with a small silicone flap, which is easily opened and closed, yet the fitting is nice and snug, so they don’t open easily by themselves.  The flaps are also very good at protecting the holes from particles of dirt or dust.

The Mini-USB protection cover

During use you still have full access to the keypad, aswell as a full view of the screen, which remained nice and bright.  The trackball is still fully accessible also.

The level of volume remained nice and clear, as there is an opening at the top for the speaker, so people who I spoke to could be easily heard.  There is also an opening for the LED, so you can still see this flashing.  People could also hear me talking without any issues too.

Blackberry Curve Defender Case - a handful, but well protected!!

I would say that one drawback of using the case is that if you ever feel the need to pull out the battery, or get to the SIM or Memory card, it’s not exactly a quick process and quite fiddly… not really ideal, especially if you’re travelling.

As the case is assembled around your handset, it’ll take a few moments until you can get your handset back out again.

Overall Verdict

The Defender Case offers the ultimate protection for your Blackberry.  I would highly recommend this case for anyone who uses their Blackberry outside on a regular basis, or for those who just want that extra protection from the daily elements.

It’s available right now in a range of colours (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow) directly from at for just £7.99

A big thank you to Karen at CaseFun for sending me the blue case to review.

Case Fun – Cases for Everyone!

I’ll soon be reviewing a range of cases for the Blackberry and iPod Touch, thanks to the guys at Case Fun

Based in Wiltshire, Case Fun offer a huge range of mobile phone cases and covers for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Blackberry

They’re also authorised dealers for:

  • More Thing
  • Ideal Case
  • Case-Mate
  • Ed Hardy
  • Tech21
  • Switcheasy
  • Pdair
  • Otterbox

They pride themselves on provided the highest levels of customer service, along with competitive prices on all their cases.

Stay tuned to the blog for reviews coming soon, but in the meantime check out the Case Fun website

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