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iPhone 4 is coming – are you getting one??

So, today at WWDC10, Steve Jobs talked about the iPhone 4 and how Apple has focused a lot of its efforts on video calling.

iPhone 4 will be able to make “Face Time” video calls to other iPhone 4 users through two cameras mounted on either side of the handset – sounds clever enough!

However, there is a catch!  The feature will only be available over a Wi-Fi internet connection (this year at least), whilst the company tries to form some sort of arrangement with wireless carriers to make it work well enough over 3G.

Jobs also said that the iPhone 4 is 24% thinner than its predecessor (The 3GS) and will have a much sharper display, coupled with longer battery life.  The updated device will also house a gyroscope which, when combined with its accelerometer, will give it six-axis motion sensing, much like a video game controller.

It will also have a better camera (5MP) and will be able to shoot video in HD – nice! 

iPhone 4 will also correct one of the iPhone’s main criticisms… its ability to multitask.  It will be able to run multiple apps at the same time, so users will no longer have to close one application down, just so they can open another.

Release Dates

The new handset will be available in five countries (not including Canada) as of June 24, and will ship across to 18 more in July.  It won’t be available in Canada until late July – although this may change!

So, will you be the first to get an iPhone 4?  Or will you wait?

More power for your iPhone!

If you’re ‘app-happy’ and constantly draining the battery from your iPhone, you need to look at providing more power….  but how you exclaim!?!

Well, MiLi have come to the rescue, with the MiLi iPhone Power Pack.  In layman’s terms, the MiLi is a rechargeable (via USB) external battery which is concealed inside a protective case.  It offers twice the battery life of the iPhone alone – up to 390 hours standby time!

The clever design means you can sync your iPhone with iTunes and charge it via USB while it’s snug inside the MiLi case.  Sweet!

It’s available in a range of colours from Firebox and costs £49.99

iTunes 9.1 has iPad/iBook support

Ok, so the latest (and possibly greatest?) version of the well-known Apple software has been prepped and finely tuned for all you iPhone/iPod geeks. 

iTunes 9.1 is now packing support for iPad syncing, as well as the ability to “organize and sync books you’ve downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library”.  

The file size for the update is close to a hefty 100Mb…. so, put the kettle on, sit back and let it update on it’s own.  If you’ve already done it, what do you think of it so far??  Let us know via the comments.

Turn your iPhone into a desk phone

Being shown at the China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong this April, is the Desk Phone Dock for the iPhone.  As you can see from the picture, it’ll no doubt be turning some heads during its debut at the show, as do most iPhone accessories that are being produced at the moment.

The creators of the Desk Phone Dock (Kee Utility) have said that it’s more than capable of being able to replace your old desk or IP telephone in the home or business.  More and more companies are now utilising services such as Wi-Fi in their business, in order to keep their telephone costs down.  So, why not do it with this device?

What they’re also saying is that it will sync and charge your iPhone when it’s docked and you can utilise the on-board speakerphone, which incorporates two stereo speakers for great sound quality, in case you don’t want to lift the receiver.   There’s also a large volume knob on the top of the device, which doubles up as a mute button.

You must admit, it looks intriguing!  And, although there is currently no word on pricing at the moment, we’re guessing it’s not going to be a cheap iPhone add-on…. but we’ll see soon enough!

(Source: Desk Phone Dock)

Tesco now selling iPhone

Supermarket Tesco have started a ‘mobiles war’ by launching Britain’s cheapest iPhone in time for Christmas.
As of yesterday (14.12.09) the iPhone 3G 8Gb handsets are available at 100 Tesco stores and online for £222 on a one-year £20-a-month deal. If you want the 3GS 16Gb version, expect to pay even more!
The must-have handset is currently only available from O2 and Orange, whose lowest monthly tariff is £29 for an 18-month contract using the 3G 8Gb version.
Tesco’s move could trigger a price war in the New Year, as Vodafone are also due to start selling the iPhone.
Tesco mobile boss Lance Batchelor said: “We’re delighted to make the iPhone available. It’s now affordable for all, with the best deals in the UK market.”

The iPhone – voted Britain’s coolest brand in summer – launched here two years ago and two million have so far been sold. It can be used to access the internet and send and receive emails – and has an massive array of applications.

Orange, which has Britain’s largest 3G Network, last night insisted its iPhone was better value. It said: “We remain the only operator that allows customers to walk out of a store with an iPhone for free, on a less than £30-a-month tariff.” Vodafone have not yet made a comment.
Meanwhile, Motorola have launched its Milestone smartphone. It has the world’s thinnest sliding keypad at just over 13mm! Nice!


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