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New Blu-ray discs are to allow even more storage

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) have announced new standards that are designed to increase the capacity of Blu-ray discs.

‘BDXL’ (High Capacity Recordable and Rewritable discs) will have a write-once capacity of 100GB and 128GB, and re-writable discs will be capable of storing 100GB of information.  These discs have been designed to reach these capacities by having three to four recordable layers.

BDXL discs have been aimed initially at businesses who store masses of information, however the BDA have said that a consumer version of BDXL will be expected especially for areas where BD recorders have achieved broad consumer acceptance.

“Leveraging Blu-ray Disc to meet this need provides professional enterprises with a compact, stable and long-term solution for archiving large amounts of sensitive data, video and graphic images using a proven and widely accepted optical technology.”

The other standard being released is an IH-BD disc (Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray Disc) which is a single BD-RE layer, so as to enable the user to view, but not overwrite published data, but with a separate re-writeable layer which can track user data.

Although this is great news, there is a catch.  These new discs won’t work on current Blu-ray players, so you’ll have to spend the $$$’s for a new player that will read the discs.  Although, the BDA say that the new players will be able to read old discs – so all is not lost!

(Via Business Wire)

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