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Is Google Plus being pushed to one side already??

I’ve read a few blog posts saying that experts have already written Google plus out of the social network scene.

OK, it’s new….  it’s only been live for a fe weeks but it’s generated more interest than Wave.    But would people actually move away from Facebook? 

I think Google have really thought about ‘Plus’ compared to their last (lets be honest, feeble) attempts and are could cause Facebook some damage.   If they play their cards right and market the idea in the correct way, they could pave the way to becoming a giant in the social media world.

Why you ask?  Well, for one the features in Plus are (in my opinion) much better than that of anything that Facebook have come up with.  Circles for instance…  it’s a nice, clean feature and it works really well.

And lets be honest, I think we’d all prefer to see adverts that are relevant, rather than the numerous loans and dating ads that Facebook throw at us on a daily basis!

Lets give it a chance and see just how scared Zuckerberg gets!

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