HTC Legend available from April 2nd

The HTC Legend now has a release date, recently provided by Vodafone.

The awesome new Android handset, which will only be available from Vodafone initially, will hit stores on Friday 2nd April.  What’s more, it’ll be free if you sign up to a £25 a month contract.

If you pre-order the handset though, expect a short delay since it is the Easter holidays!  So, if you do choose to pre-order, expect your new baby to arrive around the 6th or 7th of April instead.

The Legend will feature a number pre-loaded applications, including Vodafone Music and MyWeb, which allows users to make customizations to their mobile web home page. 

So, if you want to wrap your hands around this rather sexy new piece of Android kit, then get yourself to the Vodafone store and get your pre-order in now!

Be warned though – checking out the contract details with Vodafone and is appears that web access isn’t unlimited.   There is a limit of 500MB of data allowed per month.  Is that enough??  We’re not convinced!

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