Xbox 360 to get USB storage support

On April 6th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use USB storage devices on their consoles, so thus increasing their total amount of memory.   Supporting 16GB USB devices, you’ll be able to plug two units into your console and get an extra 32GBs of total storage for your 360.

With quite a lot of 360 owners now running low on storage (especially those who refuse to upgrade to a bigger HDD) this is excellent news, since you can increase your storage space via USB and the cost difference compared to a Microsoft 360 HDD is huge!

It’s even better news for those who use Xbox 360 Arcades – you’ll now have much more space to save your games!

Microsoft stated: “You can have 2 USB flash drive devices connected to the console at a time, (up to 16GB each) enabling up to 32GB of simultaneous storage”

So, if you have a USB disk drive simply lying around the house, you’ll soon be able to put it to good use on your Xbox!

Roll on April 6th!

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