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Xbox 360 to get USB storage support

On April 6th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use USB storage devices on their consoles, so thus increasing their total amount of memory.   Supporting 16GB USB devices, you’ll be able to plug two units into your console and get an extra 32GBs of total storage for your 360.

With quite a lot of 360 owners now running low on storage (especially those who refuse to upgrade to a bigger HDD) this is excellent news, since you can increase your storage space via USB and the cost difference compared to a Microsoft 360 HDD is huge!

It’s even better news for those who use Xbox 360 Arcades – you’ll now have much more space to save your games!

Microsoft stated: “You can have 2 USB flash drive devices connected to the console at a time, (up to 16GB each) enabling up to 32GB of simultaneous storage”

So, if you have a USB disk drive simply lying around the house, you’ll soon be able to put it to good use on your Xbox!

Roll on April 6th!

Times and Sunday Times on-line to be chargeable

From June 2010 any readers of the Times or Sunday Times online papers will be asked to pay either £1 per day, or £2 per week to access their information. 
 The BBC report quotes News International’s chief executive, Rebekah Brooks as saying “This is a crucial step towards making the business of news an economically exciting proposition“.

However, maybe this is not such a good idea?  I mean, why would/should I pay for information that I could more than likely get from another website?

Would you pay for it?

Toshiba announce bigger laptop hard drives!

Toshiba have recently announced two brand new 2.5″ hard drives, one of which will offer at least 750GB of available space! 

HDD space has really increased in the last few years, across a broad range of tech.  If you cast your mind back just a few years ago, you’ll no doubt remember the days when you had to carry around multiple hard drives, just to have decent space for your laptop… right??  Well, not anymore! 

Tosh’s new (the MK7559GSXP and MKxx59GSM) will spin at 5400 RPM and will also support new sector addressing to make sure you can get as much use out of that space as possible, with less space lost to formatting.  

750Gb or 1TB will be available - at last!


The new drives will start appearing in new laptops towards the end of the summer 2010, so keep your eyes peeled!

iPad iBooks Store will include 30,000 (Project Gutenberg)

iPad owners will be able to grab classic ebooks from the vast Project Gutenberg library directly from the iBooks Store according to a new leak. 

According to AppAdvice, Apple will integrate the Project Gutenberg catalogue directly.  That shouldn’t be too tricky since the iPad supports ePub files and PG offers the classics in its library in ePub, Mobipocket, HTML and also simple text.

While Apple has already confirmed that the iBooks app would allow you to sync DRM-free ePub files from other sources to your iPad, plonking PG at the heart of the iBooks Store would obviously be far more convenient!!

PG features great fistfuls of classic titles, including Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Pride & Prejudice. 

While the potential for stuffing your iPad with enough masses of titles from PG to fizzle your brain, there is still no firm date of exactly when in April the iPad will hit the UK and when the iBooks Store will follow it!  

via Electric Pig

LG Announces Worlds First Full LED 3D HDTV – LG LX9500

LG has announced the launch of a new LED 3D HDTV, the LG LX9500. This amazing piece of tech from LG is incredibly thin at just 22.3mm at it thickest part.  The model shown in the photo features a stunning 55 inch display, which has around 1,200 individual LEDs.

The LG LX9500 features a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a TruMotion 400Hz (480Hz) refresh rate.  As well as being very thin it also features a nice slim bezel which measures just 16mm!

“LG’s unique Full LED technology validates LG’s position as a global leader in 3D home entertainment” said Havis Kwon, Executive Vice President and head of the LCD division of LG. “By building a full line-up of 3D TVs and cultivating alliances with content and device providers, LG will set a higher benchmark in the global 3D TV industry”.    We certainly believe that!

The LG LX9500 will go on sale in Korea first and will follow suit in Europe and the U.S. soon afterwards.  LG say there will be two models available, at 47 inches and 55 inches respectively.

Pricing for the 47 inch bad boy is expected to be around $4,500….  so erm, not cheap then! 

via Engadget

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