@anywhere Twitter platform coming soon

Twitter has announced its ‘@anywhere’ platform for websites,which will allow site visitors to basically ‘Tweet and follow’ from sites such as Digg, Amazon and eBay.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams explained how the new app platform would integrate Twitter into websites, so you could follow and tweet without having to actually visit Twitter itself.   As a bonus, you’ll also be able to use Twitter to sign into the site.

@anywhere will be implemented by sites including Amazon, AdAge, Bing, Citysearch, Digg, eBay, The Huffington Post, Meebo, MSNBC.com, The New York Times, Salesforce.com, Yahoo!, and last but not least, YouTube.

Twitter also said that it promises that @anywhere will be simple for site owners to implement, as rather than using APIs, site owners only need to  “drop in a few lines of JavaScript.”  Sounds easy enough!

Williams continued and said that there were “no real rules” about how site owners should use the frameworks and they were leaving it to developers to decide.  “There’s a lot that can be done with this that we can’t anticipate,” he said.

In a Twitter blog post, they said:  “Imagine being able to follow a New York Times journalist directly from her byline, tweet about a video without leaving YouTube, and discover new Twitter accounts while visiting the Yahoo home page.”

It certainly sounds intriguing.  Lets see how @anywhere peforms when it’s released soon.

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