Koobface Facebook Worm is back!

If you are a Facebook or MySpace account holder, then you should be aware that the ‘Koobface’ worm is back.

It seems as if the virus has some unfinished business with these social networking sites.   The worm is disguised to trick you into downloading programs; these will then hijack your computer!

The latest version of the Koobface virus arrives as an invitation from a friend or contact, when you click on that invite link you will then view a video from a counterfeit YouTube website.  

You are then told that you need to install an Adobe Flash Plug-in to view the video.  That is when a Trojan horse program gives you the Koobface virus.

The worm takes control of the user’s computer, as well as their social networking account.  To make sure that the ‘Koobface’ virus does not trick you, only click on links in an email if you are certain the message is valid and has been sent by your friend.


    • Patrick McAlister
    • March 20th, 2010

    My office manager got this worm on her computer at work, streaming music and my wife got it on her laptop from face book. I tried several antivirus programs to remove it from both computers. I ended up doing a recovery on the office computer to remove the worm because I didn’t have the time to mess with it during the week. I also tried several programs to remove the worm from my wife’s laptop but was only able to remove it with Malwarebytes Antivirus. None of the other programs would remove it. At the time of infection the laptop was running Microsoft Security Essentials and the office manager’s desktop was running Viper Antivirus. Both Antivirus programs are updated with new definitions regularly. Both computers use IE browser.

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