Totally Disgusted!!

I turned 31 recently….  (19th of Feb to be exact) and the wife bought me some lovely presents, one of which was a 60Gb hard drive for the Xbox360.  I’d been after one for a while, to save games on as the memory card ran out of space.  I asked her to get me one, but not to bother with a new one, as they are quite expensive.  So she got a ‘pre-owned’ one.  Nothing wrong there, as most of my games are pre-owned anyway, to keep the cost down!

So, last night I decided to get the Xbox setup and I put the hard disk in…  switched it on and was disgusted by what I saw!  There were 11 profiles saved on the disk, all of which contained utter filthy words… you know, words beginning with F, B and C!!  What made it even worse is that my 7 year old is sitting there with me and read some of the words on the screen!!!!  

Let me know if I’m wrong here, but aren’t the shops that sell these ‘pre-owned’ disks supposed to wipe them beforehand??  

I’ll be making a visit to the shop concerned on Monday to see what they have to say! 

I’ll keep you informed! 


    • jamesbranch
    • February 22nd, 2010

    Well, went down to the shop concerned (It was GameStation by the way!) and spoke to the Regional Manager after making a complaint via the call centre.

    The company DOES have a procedure in place to ensure that ALL disks are wiped prior to being sold on, so this disk slipped through the net. Of course, he was very apologetic and allowed my son to choose a couple of games from the Xbox 360 pre-owned area.

    Although I still wasn’t very impressed that my son had seen these words, he ensured me that policies would be looked at again and staff advised to look at EVERY disk that comes in for swap/trade to ensure it doesn’t re-occur.

    So, if you buy a disk, game or anything else pre-owned, make sure you get the shop to check it before you take it home!


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