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Can you live without Facebook???

Social Networking – now there’s two words which have so much power these days!  When I first started off in the world of computers all those years ago, social media didn’t exist…  well, not unless you class bulletin board chatrooms (bear in mind there was no broadband back then!) as social media?  I suppose you could. 

Then, I guess the next big social media site was Friends Re-United.  Lets face it… the site was crap!  Then, rolling forward to the noughties, all hail the legends of Social Network & Media, Facebook & Twitter to name but a few!

I login to both sites on a daily basis….  multiple times.  Twitter more than Facebook, but I always have to pop on both just for a bit, to see what’s happening.  🙂

Is this the norm these days???   There are 350 million people using Facebook today….  many people joining the site on a daily basis.  There are also many more leaving the site too.  Some feel they are being spied on with Facebook’s latest change in their privacy controls.  Will they ever stop playing about with it and just leave it alone!?  I very much doubt it.

Anyway… the question is this.  ‘Can you live without Facebook for one month?’    Well, could you?

I’ve challenged a friend to see how we get on.  We’re de-activating our Facebook accounts at 12:00pm on January the 1st 2010 until 12:00pm on February the 1st 2010, that’s if we decide to re-activate the accounts again!  🙂

You can find out more about how we get on and how many people join in by clicking here 

Could you last the full month??  What will you do instead of logging into Facebook?  Who knows!! 

Let the challenge commence!


Tesco now selling iPhone

Supermarket Tesco have started a ‘mobiles war’ by launching Britain’s cheapest iPhone in time for Christmas.
As of yesterday (14.12.09) the iPhone 3G 8Gb handsets are available at 100 Tesco stores and online for £222 on a one-year £20-a-month deal. If you want the 3GS 16Gb version, expect to pay even more!
The must-have handset is currently only available from O2 and Orange, whose lowest monthly tariff is £29 for an 18-month contract using the 3G 8Gb version.
Tesco’s move could trigger a price war in the New Year, as Vodafone are also due to start selling the iPhone.
Tesco mobile boss Lance Batchelor said: “We’re delighted to make the iPhone available. It’s now affordable for all, with the best deals in the UK market.”

The iPhone – voted Britain’s coolest brand in summer – launched here two years ago and two million have so far been sold. It can be used to access the internet and send and receive emails – and has an massive array of applications.

Orange, which has Britain’s largest 3G Network, last night insisted its iPhone was better value. It said: “We remain the only operator that allows customers to walk out of a store with an iPhone for free, on a less than £30-a-month tariff.” Vodafone have not yet made a comment.
Meanwhile, Motorola have launched its Milestone smartphone. It has the world’s thinnest sliding keypad at just over 13mm! Nice!


Personalizing Your BlackBerry with Themes

Personalizing Your BlackBerry with Themes

Click the above link to learn how to personalise your Blackberry smartphone with themes!


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