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Alan Davies

Hi all,

Well, got a lovely surprise this morning when I logged into Twitter. I did my usual ‘tweet’ by sending all my lovely followers a link to my Just Giving fundraising page for Tiny Lives (which you can see at the top of my blog!) and in response, Alan Davies (Better know to many people as the infamous Jonathan Creek from the BBC TV series of the same name) donated £367 to get me to my target of £500!!

How generous can you get!!!! I was uttlerly speechless to say the least! What a guy! 🙂

I’d like to send the guy a thank you letter personally, but I have no idea about how to get it to him, so I sent him a few kind messages via Twitter instead!

Anyway, if you would like to donate to help seriously ill & premature babies, you can do so by clicking the Just Giving widget at the top of the blog, or click here

That’s all for now!


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